About Us



The  Museum was started in 1990 by Tony Harrah, the son of the late casino  owner, Bill Harrah. The collection has steadily grown from a few  Military Jeeps in the beginning to over forty vehicles presently. It has  been recognized as one of the finest Jeep collections in the world. The  collection contains several "prototype" Jeeps that were never put into  production including the Davis 3 wheel Jeep and the 4 wheel steering  Jeep. Most of the vehicles physical condition is either "as found" very  good condition, restored and unrestored, whatever best represents the  vehicle.

 The Museum also encompasses all types or ordinance from missiles to   hand grenades and everything in between. There are numerous small arms  on display that were used in all major conflicts from World War 1  to  present day. The collection also contains  period field equipment and  uniforms and various examples of the very unique artistic endeavvor  known as "trench art". 

 There is are many photographs and paintings of military equipment that can be seen all around the museum. 

 The museum is open by appointment only  made thru the curator from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Groups can be  accommodated with a 200 person limit. No food or drinks are allowed. We  ask that you do not touch the vehicles due to the nature of the paint  that was used and the age of it. Oil from hand contact is very hard to  remove.