SERVICES OFFERED by the Curator of the museum

      The museum curator offers restoration of privately owned vehicles  on a limited basis as time allows. Restorations can range from minor  detail work to major restorations.
This is offered as a separate business not part of the museum .

       All work is preformed by our resident curator at his repair facility.  He has the knowledge and ability to research the project and advise on  the feasibility of proceeding with any work. It is a hard fact that some  vehicles just can not be saved even if finances are not an issue, but  could be a valuable donor vehicle for another or many projects.

Sourcing parts and correct fittings and equipment to perform restorations are also one of the services he can offer.

We also have numerous sources of available vehicles that could be purchased, either as projects or complete vehicles. If you are looking for something in particular we can help.  Contact Gene Phebus at 775 359 2760